Couple adorns home with 8 ton rock

16,000 black rock formed by rushing river water in China

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. - It's a little more than 'a stone's throw' from China but North Miami is where you'll find a 16,000 pound black rock from the Far East called Scholar's Rock.

It's an interesting and complex configuration of wormholes formed by rushing river water in China.

"It's called a Scholar's rock because the Chinese used it as a contemplation or meditation point," said Peter Bromer, an architect and collector of large Oriental artifacts which he's using to decorate the $2 million home he's building in North Miami with his wife, Thao.

"Yeah, very nice," Thao said when asked what she thinks about the construction project.

In 2010, Bromer acquired a 15-foot tall, hand carved, stone Buddha from China that had to be hoisted into place before the house was built.

Last year he bought a massive statue of a Kirin, which is a dragon-like, mythical creature that will greet visitors who approach his front door. Bromer, is an architect and Thao, is a Buddhist from Vietnam and their passions are behind the design of the ultra modern structure being built between the giant oaks on their wooded lot.

"I have a degree in architecture, I'm a designer, but the things that have to do with the Buddha's and the religious artifacts, I defer to her to make sure I'm not violating any of her beliefs, but basically I'm doing everything," Bromer said.

It's part museum, part temple and entirely state of the art. The nerve center of this smart house is in a room on the second floor. The lights, security system, water pumps and televisions can all be operated remotely over the internet using a computer, smart phone or iPad.

The Scholar's Rock will stand 15 feet tall when it's hoisted into place inside the home later this year and help to form the foundation of decor in this giant sized labor of love.

"Bigger is always better I say," Bromer said.

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