Daniel Oates appointed Miami Beach police chief by city manager

Oates previously served as police chief in Aurora, Colorado

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Daniel Oates, the former police chief of Aurora, Colo., has been appointed the new Miami Beach police chief by the city manager. The decision was approved by the Miami Beach Commission.

Oates received praise for leading the Aurora Police Department after a mass shooting at a movie theater in 2012. The hope is that he can bring in his experience to change the culture of the Miami Beach Police Department.

"I know that fundamentally this is a very sound organization and it needs some image work and leadership," said Oates. "With the help of everyone in the community, I think we can get there."

Miami Beach's police department is no stranger to scandal. Dispatchers for 911 were caught sleeping on the job and 18-year-old graffiti artist Israel Hernandez died after being tased.

Another incident calling into question the department's use of force was at 2011's Urban Beach Weekend, when a group of officers fired a barrage of bullets on Collins Avenue, killing one person and injuring four others.

"One of the reasons the manager was attracted to me as a candidate is that I didn't come in and say I knew exactly what to do," said Oates.  "I've taken over enough organizations to know that it takes time and patience to learn the community and learn the organization, before you can go about making change."

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