Davie Firefighters Receive PETA Award for Rescuing Puppy Trapped in Drain Pipe

DAVIE, Fla. - On February 17, Davie firefighters responded to an urgent call about a puppy named Sugar, who had fallen into the sewer through a hidden drainage pipe.

Firefighters continuously pumped oxygen into the sewer and spent hours using a camera on an extendible wire to encourage Sugar to walk to meet the firefighter who had climbed down through a manhole to catch him.

Rescue workers brought the puppy back to the surface and used a special animal oxygen mask to make sure that he had fully recovered from his ordeal, before he was returned to his family.

For saving Sugar's life, the Davie Fire Rescue Department will receive PETA's Compassionate Fire Department Award.

"The tenacity and know-how shown by the Davie Fire Rescue Department is an inspiration," said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "Davie is very fortunate to have first responders who are ready to protect and serve both residents and their beloved animal companions."

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