Demolition begins at marijuana grow house

2 suspects wanted after hydroponics lab inside Kendall home explodes

KENDALL, Fla. - Construction crews began demolishing a marijuana grow house that exploded last month in Kendall.

The demolition at the house on Southwest 151st Place began Wednesday afternoon. Crews knocked over the house in pieces to prevent damage to then neighboring homes.

"Due to the fact that the walls are pushed out instead of in, it makes it a lot more difficult, and the fact that these are small lots, makes it ten times more difficult because, in fact, I don't have any room in between the houses to stick the machines in and work," said Danny Yero with Southern Property Services.

Last month, a hydroponics lab exploded inside the house. Neighbors still remember when it happened.

"My house was like shake, like you get the glass of water, you shake a glass of water," said Ricardo Gilart. "Also, I heard like an earthquake."

The county's Department of Regulatory and Economic Resource condemned the home a few days later.

Police continue to search for two suspects wanted for trafficking marijuana and child neglect. Investigators said the couple rented the house and left after the explosion.

"The sooner these insurance companies issue the checks, the sooner these property values will be back where they were or higher," said Daniel Espinosa, the homeowner's attorney.

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