Doctors share thoughts on health care reform

Health insurance exchange open in Florida

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AVENTURA, Fla. - South Florida doctors offered their thoughts on the changes coming under the Affordable Care Act.

Dr. Steven Schnur, a cardiologist. said he worries about a dwindling number of doctors.

"One of the issues I think with Obamacare over the next 10 years: there will be a shortage of physicians," he said.

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But Schnur said he's still optimistic about the Affordable Care Act.

"I'm looking forward to the fact that, A, more people are going to have health insurance that normally couldn't see me. We're having a hard time paying my fees no matter how hard I lower the fees," he said. "I look forward that prevention wellness is now going to be covered for all insurance companies, including Medicare, so now I can practice prevention and wellness."

"I think having a healthy society and having health insurance are two different things. I don't think that there's any evidence to support that just because you're insured, you tend to be living a healthier lifestyle than if you're not," said Dr. Alan Ackerman, a fellow cardiologist.

Ackerman said preventative screenings are already aged limited, so young people, who are supposed to help ease the cost burden, will have little incentive to participate.

"If you're a 35-year-old person with no medical issues and you qualify or you're being mandated to buy $5,000 worth of insurance a year and you never go to a doctor, where is the savings?" he asked.

Dr. Ari Soffer said he agreed with his two colleagues that everyone should have better access to quality health care.

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