Firefighters rescue trapped raccoon

Raccoon's leg stuck in Dumpster latch

Margate Fire Rescue

MARGATE, Fla. - Margate firefighters rescue a raccoon trapped upside-down when its leg gets caught in a latch on a trash bin.

Margate Fire Rescue responded Tuesday morning to a report of a gas leak at Monarch High School.

After dealing with the report, the firefighters spotted a raccoon that was trapped on a Dumpster. Officials said the animal apparently had been foraging through the trash, and its leg got stuck in a latch. It was hanging upside-down.

Firefighter Paramedic Al Lidestri cradled the animal, while another firefighter used a pry bar to pull apart the latch and free the raccoon, Margate Fire Rescue said.

Lidestri checked out the animal and, after seeing that it wasn't seriously injured, let it go free.

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