Florida college student arrested for having illegal, modified rifle

Max Chambers is accused of bring a rifle on the campus of the University of Central Florida.

ORLANDO, Fla. -  Detectives at the University of Central Florida say they have arrested an engineering student for keeping an illegally modified weapon in his car on campus.

Campus police said Wednesday that they arrested Max Chambers after finding an AR-15 assault weapon in his car. They also say he had a bump stock, which converts semi-automatic firearms to mimic fully automatic weapons.

The UCF Police Department says in statement on its Facebook page that Chambers posed no direct threat to the university community.

The Orlando Sentinel reports an anonymous tipster notified police that Chambers possessed drop-in auto sears, which can be used to convert a semi-automatic rifle into an automatic weapon.

Florida’s ban on bump-fire stocks prohibits the possession of any device that alters the firing rate of a gun to replicate automatic weapon fire.

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