Florida Grand Opera kicks off new season

2 performers part of opera's Young Artist Program

MIAMI - Florida Grand Opera is kicking off its 72nd season with "La Boheme" and two performers who are part of the opera's Young Artist Program.

The story focuses on four young artists, and this production features opera singers who were trained in South Florida.

Brittany Robinson, who plays Musetta, grew up in Minnesota where she sang in the church choir and listened to jazz. Then, she heard another siren's call. 

"I didn't get introduced to opera until later and so, when I did, it opened up this whole new world that I just fell in love with," said Robinson.

Now, she is a rising voice on the opera scene. Her character is a high-class Parisian girl. 

"I want to say my sass. I don't know, everyone keeps telling me I have all this, like, sassiness," said Robinson.

Robinson and Craig Colclough trained in Florida Grand Opera's Young Artist Program and are now back playing major roles. 

Colclough has two parts: a statesman and a landlord. 

"It's really nice to come back as a comedic person, as a character actor which is more what I am as an artist," said Colclough. 

"It's, I think, very exciting when you've created this program for young artists and the hope is that they will all go to have wonderful careers and to see it happen is great," said stage director David Gately.

The young artists' are happy with their success, but if it weren't so, Colclough has another passion: teaching kindergarten. 

"I do a lot of puppets with my kids, and creating all the different characters and having the different puppets and what not and they just light up," said Colclough.

When the house lights go down opening night, Robinson's parents will be in the audience, and her mom has already given Robinson some advice. 

"Just to have fun, enjoy the moment. God blessed me with this talent and just to be able to share it with everybody. Just to love the moment and have fun with it," said Robinson.

Robinson and the rest of "La Boheme" open Saturday night at the Adrienne Arsht Center and move on to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on December 6th.

The opera is sung in Italian, but there are English and Spanish subtitles.

Check out the Florida Grand Opera website for more information.

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