Florida woman run over by own car after cat chases her out of vehicle

COCOA BEACH, Fla. - A Florida woman is recovering from serious injuries after a cat jumped into her car and attacked her, causing her to be run over by her own vehicle.

The Florida Highway Patrol says the unidentified woman was parked in front of a house near Cocoa on Friday night. As she prepared to drive away, the cat pounced into her car and attacked. Authorities said she jumped out of the car to escape the feline, forgetting it was in reverse and was run over by her own vehicle.

"It's very unusual to have an animal leap into a car and bite somebody like this and then get run over by your own car," Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Channing Taylor said.

Florida Today reports the car rolled into the street and also struck a parked vehicle. The woman suffered critical injuries.

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