Girlfriend shoots Plantation police officer, commits suicide

Police: Crystal Wilson shot Plantation Police Detective Phil Toman

PLANTATON, Fla. - Plantation police released the 911 call made by one of their own officers after police said his girlfriend shot him in the leg and then committed suicide.

It happened early Sunday morning. According to police records, Crystal Wilson shot Detective Phil Toman, her boyfriend. He told 911 dispatchers that Wilson pulled the trigger, and that the shooting wasn't an accident.

As Toman pleaded for help on the 911 call, listeners hear a tearful Wilson come back into the room, apparently still armed.

LISTEN: 911 call (Warning: Contains graphic content)

Toman: Put that gun down.

Wilson:  I love you and I'm very sorry.

Dispatch: Who's holding the gun now?

Toman: Hey… it's my girlfriend.

Dispatch: She still has the gun?

Toman: She has a different gun

Toman: How many guns do you have in the home?


Toman: And I just heard a shot outside.

Toman was sitting on the kitchen floor at that point, unable to stand up to see what happened outside, and not wanting to believe what he suspected had just transpired.

READ: Full 911 call transcript

Toman: My girlfriend just went out back. I've got to try to get up and go see what happened. I can't get up.

911: No, don't get up.

Toman: I heard a gunshot out back. I don't know.

911: You heard another gunshot out back?

Toman: Yeah, I just said that, I heard a gunshot out back. She went out back with a revolver.

Toman: "God, I hope she didn't just shoot herself."

Dispatch: "Do you believe she shot herself?"

Toman:" Well, she's not coming inside."

Detectives found Wilson's body in the back yard and said she died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It's unclear why she shot Toman. He has been released from the hospital.

Toman serves as the Plantation Police Department's public information officer.

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