Hollywood woman finds iguana in toilet

Homeowner believes iguana crawled in through roof vent

By Amanda Batchelor - Senior Digital Editor

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Residents of a Hollywood neighborhood said iguanas are a common sight, but earlier this week, one homeowner woke up and made a stunning discovery.

Peppie Tandhascetti said she found an iguana in her toilet bowl Monday morning.

"What are you doing in my toilet?" Tandhascetti asks the iguana, as she records it hanging out in her bathroom. "Come on, get out of there and go home."

Seconds later, the iguana crawls out of the toilet and heads out the door.

Residents in the Emerald Hills subdivision said they've had iguanas come into their homes before.

"(I) went to use the commode, opened up the lid and there was what I thought was an alligator in there," Tandhascetti said.

Animal experts believe the iguana climbed in through a roof vent, and when it got stuck it started to look for the largest possible opening to escape, which happened to be the toilet.

In June, a woman in Fort Lauderdale called a plumber after another iguana clogged her toilet.

"To my surprise I pulled out that large iguana," the plumber said. "At first, I thought it was a toy, and then it started moving around."

To prevent the same thing happening in your home, Tandhascetti said it's best to use netting to cover your vents.

"You never use the commode the same way again ever," she said. "You always look in there and check it out."

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