Homeowner accused of running 'deplorable' dog kennel

Animal Control investigates after neighbors complain about barking, living conditions for pit bulls

WEST PARK, Fla. - Residents in a West Park neighborhood say a homeowner is raising more than 30 pit bulls in deplorable living conditions.

"They had ears eaten off, eye infections," said neighbor Jacqueline Ross. "They were eating their own feces, eating dirt."

Broward Sheriff's Office deputies and Animal Control visited the home Wednesday to investigate allegations the dogs were suffering amid filth and debris.

It's not the first time Moreno Yohai has gotten into trouble. Local 10 first reported on Yohai and his dogs four years ago. But residents said the homeowner still hasn't learned his lesson.

Ross said she has been inside the house and yard, which has been overtaken by dogs, cages, chains and a distinct odor. She said the barking and alleged abuse needs to end once and for all.

"You can't even stand the smell in here," said Ross. "This is cruelty. This is hoarding, someone breeding for profit."

Local 10's Ross Palombo asked Yohai if he agreed with people who said the conditions are inhumane.

"Dogs are all healthy," said Yohai.

Animal Control found 34 dogs inside and outside, but said the dogs appear to be healthy and living at the house legally despite the living conditions.

"They're not sick," Yohai said. "They're healthy...chubby, fine."

Yohai said he only rescues the pitt bulls and is trying to find them homes. He denied breeding the animals, as some have suspected.

"This is not right," said Ross. "How many do you have in there?"

West Park Mayor Eric Jones said there's little he and the county can do to address and fix the community's concerns.

"It's sort of like playing cat and mouse," said Jones. "Getting that done is a difficult process. If they're new complaints, we have to readdress it."

Ross isn't satisfied with that explanation.

"This says that nobody cares," said Ross. "I'm extremely disappointed at the county. I really am."

Even though the county said there is no abuse problem, the Health Department is expected to visit the home in the near future to see if Yohai has a filth problem.

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