Large alligator removed from Parkland porch on live TV

Gator was 8-foot, 3-inches long

PARKLAND, Fla. - Alfonso Castaneda, of Parkland, woke up Sunday morning to find a large alligator hanging out on his front porch.

The Gator Boys came out to the home on Emerald Avenue near North University Drive to remove the alligator from the residence.

At first, the family thought it was a Mother's Day prank, not thinking the gator was real. But there was nothing fake about this large reptile.

After dragging the beast into a side yard, the trapper tried to tire the gator out in the grass before taping it's jaw.

The gator was bagged and transported to Holiday Park.

Local 10's Ben Kennedy reported for WPLG news at 9 a.m. while the capture happened. See it all play out here.

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