Little Haiti company builds prefabricated cabins

Cabin Fever builds residential, commercial structures, ships them worldwide

MIAMI - A company in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood is making prefabricated structures and selling them across the globe.

Andrew Kelly with Cabin Fever showed off the staple of his business -- a 16 by 20 feet prefab building. It will soon be heading to California.

"This is a camping cabin. They're going to rent this out to customers," said Kelly. "It's small but it's very versatile. It does a lot."

The sturdy buildings have commercial and residential uses. Kelly and his wife Gayle Zalduondo started their company five years ago.

"I want a unit that's compact, that's eco-friendly, that I can put anywhere, and that's reasonably priced," said Zalduondo.

"I imagine that they are going to be putting bunk beds in here. It's going to have a kitchenette," said Kelly.

Workers in the Little Haiti shop cut board after board and nail each panel together.

"You see a break in the wall here and here, and this represents one panel," said Kelly.

The structures are assembled for inspection and then taken apart and shipped out. Cabin Fever has made 48 cabins and 10 more are in production.

The entire process can take as few as 10 days, and at $40,000, it costs about half of a conventional building.

"These cabins are actually really great for a backyard office or a backyard structure," said Zalduondo.

The cabins also meet earthquake and hurricane building requirements.

"You look at it and say, 'Gosh, this is an easy solution. It's quick and deployable. I can make it my own and there's instructions included,'" said Zalduondo.

Cabin Fever, which has 10 employees, is currently looking to expand in Little Haiti.

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