Louis Bianculli accused of raping girl, 'performing surgeries'

Man, 68, accused of molesting girl during various stages of consciousness

By Amanda Batchelor - Senior Digital Editor

LIGHTHOUSE MAN, Fla. - A man from Lighthouse Point was arrested Tuesday on multiple sexual assault and sexual battery charges after molesting a girl for years, according to the Lighthouse Point Police Department.

According to an arrest warrant, Louis Bianculli, 68, raped the girl beginning in September 2005 when she was 12 years old.

The report states that the abuse lasted through 2013.

The victim, who is now an adult, disclosed the allegations during therapy sessions and later went to the police to file a formal complaint.

According to the affidavit, Bianculli used various methods to make the victim pass out, including applying a pressure-point technique to make her black out, knocking her out with chloroform and putting a bag over her head to "see how many breaths she could take until she passed out."

The victim said that sometimes she was conscious while being raped, and other times she was not.

The victim told police that she feared that Bianculli would hurt her or her family because he told her he was contracted to fly helicopters during the Vietnam War and had killed people in Cambodia.

The victim also claimed that Bianculli told her she would have to perform sexual acts if she misbehaved.

Bianculli allegedly engaged in "rough play" with the girl, which consisted of "arm twisting, wrist bending and occasionally resulted in bruising."

According to the report, when the victim was between 14 and 15 years old, Bianculli used chloroform to render her unconscious for up to 15 minutes. The victim said he told her it was laughing gas, and she believed he used it "because he would feel bad and didn't like seeing her uncomfortable."

The victim told police that he became obsessed with her being skinny and would prick her with insulin needles, telling her that he was sucking out her fat and injecting it into her breasts to make them larger.

The victim told police that she would slip in and out of consciousness while under chloroform during the so-called "surgeries" or "procedures," as Bianculli allegedly referred to the acts as.

The report states the victim would sometimes be allowed to choose between the "surgeries" or sex acts.

She said Bianculli later used sleeping pills instead of chloroform to keep her subdued for a longer period of time.

Police said Bianculli used a kitchen filet knife to make small cuts on the victim's stomach and sides.

According to the report, the victim's mother recorded a conversation that she had with the suspect after she found out about the allegations.

In the recording, Bianculli tells the woman to go to police and that "I don't care anymore. I'd rather be in jail."

The report states that Bianculli also called himself a "bad person" in the victim's life and said he "did something terrible." According to the report, Bianculli expressed remorse stating that he doesn't "expect her to forgive" him.

Bianculli, who lives in a multimillion-dollar mansion in Lighthouse Point, remains at the Broward County Jail without bond.

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