Lynn University still busy after debate

Breakdown of 'Debate City' to take 6 weeks

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Lynn University was still buzzing a day after hosting the final debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Classes were back in session on Tuesday as the cleanup began.

"I think we're all euphoric. We're still pinching ourselves a little bit. We're all a little exhausted," said Lynn University Senior VP of Administration Greg Malfitano. "But I think it's -- overwhelming success from what we're initially hearing."

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It took the university three months of physical labor to turn 23-acres into what they called "Debate City." It will take another six weeks to break things down.

Lynn University also invested $5 million to host the debate.


Many students were happy with the final result.

"Even though they are cleaning up right now it is still exciting that debate was here," said one student.

"There's a little of pride now. We're not the 'Lynn Who' anymore. We're the, everybody knows who Lynn University is now," said Brittany Brown, a volleyball player at the school.

But Brown said she was also looking forward to things returning back to normal.

"After the debate, we get to finally play at home, and it's going to be nice and be back in our home court," said Brown.

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