Maria Sachs wins state senate seat

Sachs defeats Ellyn Bogdanoff

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Redistricting pits St. Sen. Maria Sachs (D-Delray Beach) against Ellyn Bogdanoff, where Sachs won her seat by about six percentage points.

"Pure and simple. It was control of the Senate," said Sachs.

The Democratic incumbent's win Tuesday gave 14 seats in the Florida Senate to the Democrats, eliminating the two-thirds majority the Republicans held.

That's why Sachs said her race against Bogdanoff got ugly and expensive. The Republican Party of Florida spent millions to air negative TV ads against Sachs, accusing her of spending state money on expensive limousine rides, which she denies.

"Those ads would linger if they were effective," said Sachs. "They were not effective because more people did not believe them then did."

Bogdanoff received more votes than Sachs in Broward but more of the new District 34 is in Palm Beach County, where Sachs ran away with the race.

Sachs told Local 10's Roger Lohse she looks forward to going back to Tallahassee to fight for more state funding for public education and to bring more high paying jobs to South Florida. She said those issues are important to all of her constituents, regardless of which side of the county line they live or to which political party they belong.

"I know there's a demarcation line on the boundary line between Broward and Palm Beach, but the geography and the demographics are very similar," said Sachs.

Sachs said she has also retained an attorney and may file a defamation lawsuit against the RPOF for airing those TV ads.

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