Expect more law enforcement in South Beach this weekend, police say

Miami Beach Police Department on streets: No alcohol! No pot! No loud music!

By Ian Margol - Reporter, Andrea Torres - Digital Reporter/Producer

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - It's spring break in South Beach, and those who are brave enough to go to the entertainment district this weekend should expect to see more law enforcement officers than usual. And if last weekend's wild party is any indication of what this weekend will be like, there will likely be more arrests. 

Hours after University of Tennessee football player Kenneth George Jr. was arrested in South Beach after allegedly ignoring officers' commands, a group of police officers arrested a man Thursday night after he allegedly refused to turn down the volume of his Bluetooth speaker.

Miami Beach Police Department Chief Dan Oates has welcomed dozens of police officers from other agencies and will have about 80 additional officers from his department deployed to the area on Washington Avenue and Ocean Drive, a temporary pedestrian-only area. 

Oates also said there will be two or more police officers making arrests on every block from Fifth to 18th streets. Officers are ordered not to tolerate loud music, people drinking alcohol in the street or smoking marijuana. Tourists will get one warning and their refusal will turn into a trip to jail.  

Miami Beach residents say the crowd of college students celebrating spring break in South Beach's entertainment district is larger and more troublesome than ever before. For officials, it means the budgeted cost to the city in security increased about $500,000.


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