10-year-old shoots hole-in-one at Biltmore Golf course

Ernesto Perabeles did what most adult golfers dream of doing

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - A 10-year-old boy went against the odds to shoot a hole-in-one at the Biltmore Golf Course.

Many golfers dream of a hole-in-one, but the odds are against them -- about 12,000 to 1.

Ernesto Perabeles, who has been playing golf for six years, doesn't have to dream anymore. He shot an "ace" during a recent tournament.

"At first I was surprised," he said.

In June, he was on the 8th tee at the Biltmore Golf Course, where he also attends summer golf camp. As his friends watched, Ernesto pulled a club.

"My caddy, Tanya, said to use a 6 iron because it was like 115 yards," said Perabeles. "So I tried it out and it came to be a good shot and then it went in the hole."

"We're standing over here in the short game area and we watched him tee off," said Biltmore golf pro Armando Echeverria. "Then we saw him hit his shot and it was pretty good. All of a sudden, the ball just disappeared and you hear everybody say 'yeah.' Ernie makes a hole-in-one."

Echeverria says Ernesto and other kids at the camp put in long hours to improve their games, but hole-in-ones take something more, like luck.

"I would venture to guess it's 50-50, but the more you practice the luckier you get," said Echeverria.

"Most if it was luck, most of it," said Ernesto. "But my good shot was skill."

Ernesto finished tied for 5th in his most recent tournament. Right now, he's preparing for the U.S. Kids Golf Miami Championship in August.

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