Another embarrassing election for Miami-Dade County

So much for every vote counts

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MIAMI - Another election – another embarrassing moment for the election systems in Miami-Dade County.
As President Obama was declared the winner Tuesday night, there were people in Miami-Dade County still in line to cast their ballots.

So much for every vote counts.

In some cases on Election Day, voters waited for up to eight hours. That is unacceptable.

The morning after the election, the only state in the nation that couldn't declare whether Obama or Romney had won was Florida.

The supervisor of elections blamed it on heavy voter turnout and a long ballot. But that's not a valid excuse.

Everyone knew it was a long ballot long before Election Day – and there was heavy voter turnout across the country.

The problem here seems to be poor planning – and a failure to react when the lines became overwhelming.

Miami Dade's mayor said he's embarrassed. Let's hope that embarrassment turns into action on his part.

That's our take on things. Let us know what you think.

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