Break a sweat while twerking at Miami's hottest workout

Women line up for hours to be apart of the Vixen Army

By Alexandra Fruin - Producer , MJ Acosta - Reporter

MIAMI - The world may think it knows how to twerk after Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMAs, but women in Miami know how its really done.

They're the members of the Vixen Army, breaking it down on the dance floor for over an hour-- in heels. But the Vixen Army isn't reporting to duty to South Beach's hottest clubs, they're strutting their stuff at the gym!

The Vixen Workout is the latest workout craze to take South Florida by storm, a 60-minute cardio session that combines moves straight out of a hip-hop music video with calorie-burning intensity.

Former Miami Heat dancer Janet Jones created the workout to give women an opportunity to let loose and get their hearts pumping.

"[Women were] itching to dance, itching to be a little rebellious. But they felt like they couldn't because they were the VP of the company or someone's boss or someone's mom," Jones told Local 10's MJ Acosta. "I was like, at what point do women get the chance to let loose?"

Jones gives them the chance every day, leading women in heels through choreographed routines to thumping music under bright disco lights.

"At home I have to be a mom, at work I have to be working, but coming here I can be whoever I want to be and just for that hour you can give it to yourself," said Vixen Army member Susy Ramirez. 

"This class is to empower women and make us feel good," another participant, Aimee Lee explained. "That's what we're here for. Just a little bit of boost to let everyone know you have it in you and you're beautiful. So come let your hair down and come twerk!"

"The reason why we utilize twerking is because believe it or not, its great for your abs," said Jones. "It's like doing squats and abs at the same time and its great cardio."

Jones' workout movement is quickly catching on. She already offers classes six days a week at seven locations across South Florida, but is planning to add more in the near future because even with up to eight classes per day, spots are scooped up weeks in advance!

To find out more about Vixen Workouts and find out how you can sign up, click here.

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