Democracy wins again

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MIAMI - There was one clear winner on Election Day – and that's democracy.
People all across our country – and right here at home -- stood in lines, sometimes for hours, to cast their vote.

They would not be turned away – even though it appears there was an effort by some to keep people from the polls. \

Gov. Rick Ccott reduced the early voting period this year, saying it would save money. But no matter how you spin it, it was done for one reason only, and that's to keep Democrats away from the polls.

Democrats traditionally outnumber Republicans during early voting and the governor knows that.

The governor was asked to extend early voting. He saw no need for it. Apparently he didn't see the lines of people at early voting sites across South Florida.

Our next big election will be in 2014 and we will vote for Governor. As you're standing in line, remember your vote can help us get a governor who gets it.

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