Dog shot twice in front of neighbors

Witness: Officer's story does not match what happened

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SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE - A west Miami-Dade dog owner wants authorities to investigate why an officer shot and killed her dog Tuesday.

Odalys Gonzalez said police told her that her dog, a 3-year-old Dutch shepherd named Basha, escaped her yard and attacked a police officer. But Gonzalez said her neighbors, who were outside at the time of the shooting, told her the officer's story does not match what happened.

According to witnesses, another neighbor called police after he arrived home and saw a dog lying under a nearby SUV. When the officer arrived, Basha was already standing between two cars, and the man who made the call and his children had gone inside.

They said the officer then asked around, trying to find out who owned the dog, while a neighbor went over to Basha, who had begun barking, and gave her food.

Neighbors said they pointed the officer toward Gonzalez's house, but said she wasn't there. That's when they said the officer walked toward the house, and Basha followed behind, barking.

Gonzalez said Basha was standing and barking when she was shot twice, and that she did not bite or attack the officer. She also said she didn't see a scratch on the officer.

Gonzalez wants police to investigate because the officer's story does not match what neighbors told her. She also feels the officer had several opportunities to either call for help to handle her dog, or call animal control officers. She added that Basha does not have a history of biting or attacking, and she never had any issues or concern having the dog around her 9-year-old child.

Police have yet to release a statement on the shooting.

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