Fugitive's family attempts to bail TSA agent out of jail

Prosecutors believe bail money could come from criminal activity

By Glenna Milberg - Reporter , Amanda Batchelor - Senior Digital Editor

MIAMI - A TSA agent arrested on drug trafficking charges remains in jail on no bond.

Latwana Daniels was in court for a bond hearing Friday, where prosecutors sought to determine whether the money attempted to be used for her bond came from. The family members of a fugitive wanted in connection with the same charges say they have the cash and property to bail her out, but prosecutors want to make sure that money and property isn't coming from any criminal activity.

Police raided Daniels' home last week and found cocaine, more than $167,000 in cash stuffed into a wall safe and a weapon.

She is charged with armed drug trafficking and child neglect.

"My client is caught up in the middle of a state's investigation, and I don't think she is the target," said Daniels' attorney Andrew Reir.

Reir says Daniels is collateral damage, and that prosecutors are looking to charge  the "man of the house," Sam Coleman, whose family is trying to bail Daniels out of jail. Reir claims police arrested Daniels to get to him, but prosecutors refuted that claim in court.

Daniels is currently suspended from her job with TSA, but TSA officials say they are taking steps to fire her from her position before this case goes to trial.

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