Holiday travel running smoothly at So. Fla. airports

Travelers hit the skies for Christmas holiday

MIAMI - Despite winter weather causing cancellations and delays at airports across the country for several days, things were looking smooth at Miami International Airport Sunday morning.

The weather system has since moved out, and things are looking problem-free at airports in South Florida.

On average, delays in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport are only 15 minutes or less.

"We didn't have any trouble or anything, everything went really good," said Nelly Jensen, who had just arrived to Miami International Airport.

"I think everything is going to go just well, and nice and smooth like it seems to be, it's good here," added Akek Lecret, who was leaving Miami International Airport.

Travel experts say travelers should keep an eye on the roads and the airports as the week goes on.

According to Triple A, 93.3 million people will be traveling nationwide for the biggest travel holiday period of the year.

Of those, 4.8 million will be Floridians.

Triple A says 90 percent will travel by car. That's about 4.3 million.

They say about 267,000 Floridians will travel by plane to get to their final holiday destination.

That's up four percent from last year.

Travel experts say if you're flying for the holiday, make sure you check the status of your flight before heading to the airport.

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