Miami-Dade police burn 225 barrels of marijuana

MDPD: Drug burn held several times a year

MIAMI-DADE, Fla. - The Miami-Dade Police Department conducted a routine drug burn Friday to get rid of stockpiles of confiscated drugs.

Police stood guard at a local landfill where 225 barrels of marijuana were sent to be destroyed.

"It's basically numerous narcotic cases that have been investigated, and this time we are able to destroy the evidence," said Lt. Somoano.

The drugs are evidence the police no longer need to keep since each case has been resolved.

The 55-gallon barrels filled with marijuana were tossed inside an incinerator. Police said it's a procedure they do several times a year.

"After a certain time the marijuana doesn't have value whatsoever," said Somoano. "That's another reason why we are able to destroy it."

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