Miami native launches campaign to fund movie

Blake Jenner, 21, using Kickstarter to raise money for next project

By Alexandra Fruin - Producer

You've seen him sing up a storm on Glee, but now a South Florida-born actor needs your help to secure his next big role.

Blake Jenner, 21,  who has played the role of Ryder on the musical series, has launched a kickstarter campaign to finance a film he's written and plans to star in. "Billy Boy" is the story of a 18-year-old from a broken home, with little to look forward to, until he meets a young woman, Jennifer, who changes his life.

If all goes to plan, Jennifer will be played by Melissa Benoist, Jenner's co-star from Glee who is also helping to raise awareness of the campaign.

Every donation will have some sort of benefit for donors, ranging from email updates to the chance to be an Associate Producer for the film. Jenner is also giving South Floridians more incentives for donating, by promising to hold a private screening in Miami for members of the cast and crew, as well as donors.

"I definitely want everyone who was a part of my life, in my area, I just want my hometown of Miami to be involved," Jenner told Local 10. "I just really think we could have a lot of fun with it, at the premiere in Miami... I'd love for Miami to be involved."

Jenner is hopeful he will be able to raise the money needed for funding. With 19 days left of the campaign, more than $52,000 of the $100,000 needed had been raised. The last day to donate is December 11.

To find out more about the movie and how you can donate, click here.

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