South Florida Catholics relying on faith ahead of Cardinal Conclave

Cardinals to meet in Vatican City Monday morning

MIAMI - Catholic cardinals from all over the world will meet Monday to decide when they will officially begin the selection process of finding a new pope.

On Friday, the dean of the College of Cardinals summoned all of them to attend a General Congregation and decide what day their deliberations will start.

But the future changes coming to the church were not mentioned during early morning masses on Sunday at the Cathedral of Saint Mary in Miami.

Church-goers told Local 10's Carlos Suarez the sermons did not discuss the pope emeritus' decision to abdicate or what lies ahead for the church. Despite that fact, many of them are still paying close attention to the meetings in Vatican City and say faith is driving their thoughts about the upcoming conclave.

A few Catholics mentioned their reservations about Benedict's decision to step down, specifically mentioning rumors of sex scandals within the church.

"It brings a lot of doubts I guess in reference to what's going on within the Catholic church," said Roly Alfonso. "But we just have to have faith and hopefully just move on."

Overall, the feeling outside the Cathedral Sunday morning was one of reservation and resolve. Many are also eager for the Cardinals to elect a new pope that helps the institution move beyond the scandals that plagued Benedict's papacy.

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