Spence-Jones back in court over lawsuit

Opponent wants her kicked off ballot

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MIAMI - Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones is expected in court Monday morning because of a lawsuit filed by former Commissioner Richard Dunn.

Dunn filed the suit to stop her from running a third term in November.

Spence-Jones was suspended for 17 months in the midst of a bribery scandal soon after she was elected to her second term.

The charges against her were dropped and Spence-Jones returned to the commission while receiving back pay and attorney's fees from the city.

Dunn says because of that pay her bid for reelection violates the city charter.

"It's not a personality conflict. There's no anger here. It's simply what is it saying in the charter, what's the principle of the city charter," said Dunn.

Dunn is asking a judge to disqualify Spence-Jones. She said she's entitled to run, according to a legal opinion from the Miami city attorney.

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