Two out on bond in illegal slaughterhouse case

2 men arrested, charged with animal cruelty

MIAMI - Police on Friday raided a farm in southwest Miami-Dade County that investigators say was used an illegal slaughterhouse.

Parenza Farm is located near Krome Avenue and Eureka Drive.

Richard Couto, founder of Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), shot undercover video showing animal cruelty there, police said. The investigation, conducted by ARM and the Miami-Dade Police Department's agricultural division, began in October 2012.

"They took enjoyment out of it. You know, it kept me up at night. It was pretty disgusting to watch," he said. "There would be two lines, two nooses -- one here, one over here. They would put the legs, the backend of the animal, in the nooses and elevate them upside down."

Police arrested 62-year-old Leonardo Dumenigo and his son, 30-year-old Yaniel Proenza, and charged each of them with three counts of animal cruelty with intent to injure or kill.

"They specialized in selling animals for animal sacrifice, namely Santeria," said Couto. "They also had a highly illegal butcher area set up in a small back alley."

Police recovered nearly 500 geese, goats, roosters, rams, ponies, horses, rabbits, and pigeons from the farm.

"It's extremely hard to hold yourself back and not go after these people during the process, but you know that the video that you're getting during that process is going to lead to a day like this," said Couto.

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