32 trees donated by Stella McCartney planted at Haulover Park

Project part of Miami-Dade County's goal to add 1M more trees by 2020

MIAMI - Volunteers gathered at Haulover Park's dog park Tuesday morning to plant 32 trees there.

The project three years in the making was completed in less than one hour.

"I think this is the last tree," said Natacha Lamour-Nahim.

Stella McCartney, the daughter of Paul McCartney, and BioPlanet USA donated the trees.

"I am here with my team because this is important to us," said Lamour-Nahim. "It's something we are able to give back to the community."

The 32 newly planted trees get Miami-Dade County closer to reaching its goal of adding 1 million trees by 2020.

"I think it's wonderful. The shade is going to be great and the dogs are going to be love peeing in the trees," said Andrea White.

"Aesthetics is one of three drivers that get people to come to a community. The more trees the better," said Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation Director Jack Kardys. "It makes all the difference in the world for people when they come to move here."

About 14 percent of public space in the county is covered by canopies. The goal is for more trees to raise that number to 30 percent.

"To shade things a little better, to help with the atmosphere, to help with water drainage and things like that," said Kardys. "There's a lot of great things that happen with the trees."

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