Former racehorse doing well after rescue

Tabor rescued from illegal slaughterhouse in Miami-Dade

SOUTHWEST RANCHES, Fla. - A former thoroughbred racehorse rescued from an illegal slaughterhouse in southwest Miami-Dade County in January is doing well after he was adopted.

"He was very depressed, very emaciated. Had a very hard time getting up and down on his own. He suffered from stomach ulcers," said Celia Fawkes with Florida T.R.A.C.

Florida T.R.A.C took him in and he was eventually adopted by April Whitten and Frank Varon.

"I was just kind of wandering around looking at all the horses and when I met him, it was just instant chemistry," said Whitten.

Months after adopting him, Whitten and Varon Googled his name and couldn't believe their eyes.

"We were completely shocked. Todd, what we realized was this animal was within days of becoming pet food and, nine months later, he is getting ready to compete in the most prestigious equestrian festival in the world," said Varon. "It a tragic to magic story. I have never heard of anything like it."

"He lives in a spa. He has his own personal groom. They make sure his stall is mucked out constantly. He has his hay and he is fed the best," said Whitten.

Tabor receives a daily bath and is now living in the lap of luxury. Luciano Dome, a world famous Argentinean trainer, loves to work with him.

"Does the horse have heart? "The heart is what he has the most," said Dome.

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