Navy training mine prompts beach evacuation

Bomb squad called to South Florida beach

MIAMI - Bomb squads were called to a South Florida beach Monday morning to investigate a cylinder that washed ashore. 

Rough surf dragged the cylinder ashore near 56th Street and Collins Avenue. 

Authorities evacuated the beach and called in the Miami and Miami-Dade County bomb squads, as well as the Coast Guard, to investigate. Crews said they realized it was a mock explosive device, a training mine from the U.S. Navy. 

"It is an explosive, but not – it's a training mine.  So it's not what you would think a very large explosive, but it is dangerous, so we're going to keep the area cordoned off," said Adonis Garcia of the Miami Beach Fire Department. 

The U.S. Navy said the device is inert and cannot explode.

Bill Dougherty, of the U.S. Navy, said the public responded properly to the situation. He said citizens or law enforcement officials should not touch a device that washes ashore but should call the Navy or the Coast Guard.

Fire Rescue spokesman Jesus Sola says photos of the mine were taken and sent to the Navy. The device, which is 6 feet long and 2 feet in diameter, was later loaded onto a truck and hauled away.

It was not immediately known how the mine washed ashore or where it came from.

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