Palaez looks for long term immigration solution

Valedictorian, sister granted 2 year stay under Obama order

By Neki Mohan - Anchor/Reporter

AVENTURA, Fla. - On June 15,  President Barack Obama's executive order assured a North Miami high school valedictorian that she would receive a reprieve on deportation for two years. Still, a letter from Immigration and Customs Enforcement has left her on shaky ground.

Daniela Palaez and her sister, Dayana called a press conference with their attorney Nera Shefer to discuss the brief Thursday. The letter, Shefer says, dashes their hopes of any long term solution to their deportation order. In her words, "It's making a statement and saying don't look at the possibility for the sisters to stay here."  

Under Obama's executive order, the Palaez sisters are granted a stay of deportation for two years; now they wonder what will happen after that.

Daniela Palaez will attend Dartmouth University in the fall and says, "it saddens me and angers me. I was given a false sense of hope."

A spokesperson for ICE sent this statement: "ICE exercised prosecutorial discretion in March and granted Daniela and Dayana Pelaez deferred action for two years. There has been no action taken by or contemplated by Enforcement and Removal Operations since that deferred action was granted.

The legal proceedings discussed at Thursday's press conference are related to their attorney's dispute of the immigration judge's decision and not to the existing exercise of prosecutorial discretion in favor of the Pelaez sisters." 

Still, Shefer says this letter reminded them than there is no long term solution just yet.

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