Police search for suspect after security guard fatally shot during robbery

Kervin Jolicoeur shot, killed when walking in on robbery

By Ben Kennedy - Reporter

NORTHEAST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. - Police in Miami-Dade County are looking for at least two men who shot and killed a security guard during an armed robbery.

NE 191st Street and 3rd Avenue

The shooting happened at the Vista Palms Apartment Rentals along NE 191st Street and 3rd Avenue about 4:40 a.m.

"All I know is my brother's not here anymore, you know what I'm saying," said Tony Fabre, the victim's brother. "Life don't prepare you for things like this, so he didn't deserve it. It's unfortunate."

According to investigators, Kervin Jolicoeur, 32, who worked at Bryant Security, had just arrived at the apartment complex, where he lived, and walked into a robbery happening in the parking lot.

"He robbed the girl at gunpoint and then he tried to rob somebody else," said Melissa Harrell.

"They pointed a gun at her and they told her to give them everything she's got, so she gave them her keys, her cellphone and everything," said Denise Tartagalia.

Witnesses said they heard two gunshots. Jolicoeur had been shot and killed.

"They probably saw him in his uniform because he's a security guard, and they probably got scared and thought he was probably an officer or a security guard," said Fabre.

The armed robbers then ran off. Miami-Dade police believe there were at least two gunmen, possibly three.

"You know, he was just a hard worker. The most, greatest guy that I've ever known," said Fabre.

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