Miami International Airport adds 44 self-service passport control kiosks

About 50 percent of MIA passengers travel internationally

Courtesy: Miami International Airport

MIAMI - Miami International Airport has installed 44 more self-service passport control kiosks to help speed up the customs and immigration process.

About half of all passengers coming through Miami's airport are traveling internationally.

Miami International Airport first installed automated passport control kiosks in 2013.

The kiosks use biometric technology to match passengers' passports with face and fingerprint data. Officials said the machines have reduced the wait for U.S. citizens by as much as 40 percent.

The company SITA provided the kiosks. SITA executive Paul Houghton said the machines process passengers in less than two minutes and help airlines and federal authorities maintain high security during peak travel periods.

Similar kiosks are in use at airports in New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Tampa.

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