Smooth criminal moonwalks away with Michael Jackson impersonator's duds

Obinna Nwaobi just wants costume returned with no questions asked

By Janine Stanwood - Anchor/Reporter

MIRAMAR, Fla. - Michael Jackson tribute artist Obinna Nwaobi said he's been transforming himself into the King of Pop for the last four years as a way to pay tribute to his idol.

But in the early morning hours of Feb. 2, he said he was the victim of a car break-in in Miramar after a crook stole his popstar frocks.

"I had performed to 'Billie Jean' and 'Smooth Criminal,'" Nwaobi said.

Nwaobi said he was leaving Club Seven in Miramar after a performance and walked to his car in an adjacent parking lot to put away a bag full of several costumes. In the bag, according to Nwaobi: a "Smooth Criminal" suit, a sparkly "Billie Jean" jacket, a replica white rhinestone glove and his wallet.

"I took the bag, I opened my door and I put the bag on the passenger seat," he said.

Gone for just minutes to retrieve his paycheck, Nwaobi said he returned to find his back window shattered. The bag was gone. 

"When I saw that, I just, I shook my head. And I was like, 'God, please tell me they did not take my bag,'" he said.

"Why does it mean so much to you?" Local 10 News reporter Janine Stanwood asked.

"Well, it means a lot because Michael Jackson is a big idol to me," Nwaobi said. "It's a way of me paying tribute since he has passed. I do charity events for children everywhere, at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital."

Miramar police are now investigating, but an incident report showed officers on scene could not lift fingerprints from the car. 

Nwaobi said he would be satisfied if the crook left the costumes at the club, or even the police department, no questions asked. He also said he learned his lesson and won't be leaving valuables inside his car again.

Anyone with information is asked to call Miramar Department Police at 954-602-4000 or Broward County Crime Stoppers 954-493-TIPS.

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