Missing woman's estranged husband charged with murder

Cid Torrez had been considered a person of interest, police say

MIRAMAR, Fla. - The husband of Vilet Torrez, the mother of three who has been missing since late March, has been charged with first degree murder, Miramar police said.

Cid Torrez was arrested Wednesday night about 8 p.m. at his family's home in Miami Lakes.

Vilet Torrez's sister Nayiva Blanco said she and her family were in disbelief over the arrest.

"Never expected it to happen the day before Thanksgiving. We have been thinking about (her) today a lot. A lot. My mother has been crying since this morning, knowing that it was going to be our first Thanksgiving without her," said Blanco.

Authorities held a press conference Wednesday night, but revealed few details about the "meticulous" investigation they've conducted in the nearly eight months leading up to the arrest.

"I don't think that there was one piece of evidence that really put him behind bars. It was a variety of things. When you put them altogether, it was like a puzzle," said officer Tania Rues.

Cid Torrez had been considered a person of interest in the investigation of his estranged wife's disappearance, authorities said. He reported Vilet Torrez missing nearly two days after the last known video of her was recorded Saturday, March 31st, according to authorities. In the 911 call, he claimed he never heard from nor saw his wife, police said. However, phone records obtained by Local 10 show Vilet Torrez called her husband twice at 5:19 a.m.

Blanco said her family will press for justice to be served for her sister and her children. 

"It's been extremely hard for our family, for my mother, for everyone," said Blanco. "And we're very happy that we're one step closer to finding out what happened to her because it's not over until we know the truth, until we find her and we're able to tell her children where their mother is."

As news of the arrest spread across South Florida Wednesday night, messages of support for the missing mother's family filled a Facebook page dedicated to her.

Stay tuned to Local 10 for more details on this story as they emerge.

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