Monkey on the run in north Florida

Wildlife officials can't trap it

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. - Florida wildlife officials are looking for a monkey that's been running loose in the Gainesville area for at least a month.

The Gainesville Sun reports the monkey was first spotted in April behind some houses in the city's Duval neighborhood.

A few days later, a monkey sighting was reported in Hawthorne, about 10 miles to the east.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation spokeswoman Karen Parker describes the monkey as elusive and says he'd adapted well to his urban environment.

Parker says patas monkeys are a ground-dwelling breed that can grow to more than two-feet tall and weigh about 30 pounds.

They are not considered dangerous unless they're cornered. She says the Gainesville monkey has shown no signs of aggressiveness.

Wildlife officials have tried unsuccessfully to trap the monkey.

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