NCAA Division l Board of Directors approves set of proposals

Changes take effect August 1

Headline Goes Here Courtesy of National Collegiate Athletic Association

GRAPEVINE, Texas - The NCAA Division l Board of Directors has approved a set of proposals considered the first step toward trying to simplify and deregulate the organization's often complex and sometimes unenforceable rules.

On Saturday, the final day of the NCAA convention, the board approved 25 proposals.

Among the intriguing changes to take effect August 1 will be the elimination of some rules about how and how often coaches can communicate with recruits outside of some no-contact periods that will remain in place.

The only proposal that got tabled by the board, pending further discussion, was one to allow coaches to start contacting recruits beginning July 1, between their sophomore and junior years.

There was no new proposal for the board to consider about a delayed $2,000 stipend for student-athletes.

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