Florida man scheduled to be executed for 1992 murder of North Miami woman

Jose Antonio Jimenez fatally stabbed Phyliss Minas during burglary

Jose Antonio Jimenez is scheduled to be executed next month for the 1992 murder of Phyliss Minas in her North Miami apartment.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - A Florida man is scheduled to be executed Aug. 14 for the 1992 murder of a North Miami woman who caught him burglarizing her apartment.

Gov. Rick Scott signed a death warrant Wednesday for Jose Antonio Jimenez.

Court records show Jimenez was under supervised house arrest for a prior felony when Phyliss Minas caught him breaking into her home.

Jimenez beat the 63-year-old woman and stabbed her eight times. 

Neighbors heard screams and tried to enter the home. Jimenez blocked the door and ran out a back door and over a balcony.

Investigators tied fingerprints found at the scene to Jimenez. 

After his arrest, he was also convicted of a prior burglary and second-degree murder in the 1990 death of Marie Debas in Miami Beach.

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