Plantation school defends expulsion of Wade family friend

American Heritage basketball player expelled after verbal altercation with coach

PLANTATION, Fla. - A South Florida prep school at the center of a dispute over the expulsion of a student who is friends with NBA star Dwyane Wade and actress Gabrielle Union says its handbook explicitly states that any student who uses profanity toward a staff member will be expelled.

Wade and Union released a statement Thursday supporting senior Cyrus Nance, who was a basketball player at American Heritage High School in Plantation. He was expelled last month after a verbal altercation with a coach of another team at the school. Wade's son also plays at the school.

Nance's attorney, Benjamin Crump, says discrimination was involved in the expulsion.

"These allegations against the school are entirely untrue," said Eric Schwartzreich, an attorney for American Heritage High School. "A full investigation was done in this matter, including review of a video of the incident, and the evidence clearly supported the school’s disciplinary action which involved more than using profanity toward a coach."

Schwartzreich said the allegations of racial discrimination are unfounded.

"Our school is proud of its diverse student body and the steps that we take to help students learn to become responsible adults, both in preparing them for college or any career they may pursue," Schwartzreich said.

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