Preparations for park construction under way

Local 10 to help make over Gratigny Plateau Park

MIAMI - Local 10's Making A Difference project to transform an abandoned lot into a park for the community to enjoy is moving forward.

Scott McLaughlin with McLaughlin Engineers volunteered time and manpower to get the boundaries of Gratigny Plateau Park established, an essential step for designers.


PHOTOS: Groundbreaking ceremony

"It's very important. It's part of the permitting process that you need a survey, a boundary survey to establish where the location of the land is and make sure you have no encroachments, and to prove that you have ownership of the land," McLaughlin said.

A few weeks ago, the landscaping concept was selected. The park will be shaped like a flower.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held, but before any more ground can be dug up, the plans need to be approved and any problem areas must be addressed.

"(There are) no major issues. There could be some fence encroachments and things like that, but all that can be worked out very easily," McLaughlin said.

Once the plot numbers are submitted, the designers can move forward with creating a park for the residents.

"They need someplace they can really go to, have a destination for the entire neighborhood, the entire community, to get together and talk and converse and talk about the problems in the neighborhood and the good parts of the neighborhood and have the kids in a safe environment," McLaughlin said.

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