Questions dominate November ballots

North Bay Village has 21 ballot questions

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NORTH BAY VILLAGE, Fla. - Some cities in South Florida have dozens of questions on their November 6th ballots on top of the various national, state, county, and municipal elections.

Coupled with the various races, there are 12 proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution on ballots throughout the state.

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But voters in North Bay Village will also have to answer 21 questions on the ballot -- plus everything else.

"Huge. It's going to be big," said City Manager Dennis Kelly.

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North Bay Village, with a population of about 7,100, will have one of the longest ballots in the state because commissioners must put any changes to the charter to a vote. The questions include a city name change and commissioner salary.

"The one big debate we had was, do we put this on as just one bulk question, just one major question," said Kelly. "The attorney was very clear, we had to address each vote individually."

The city was preparing to mail a guide so voters in North Bay Village could study up beforehand.

While it saves the cost of another election, some voters in North Bay Village weren't thrilled.

"They probably don't answer it or they just take a guess," said Nicky Cid.

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