Rescued sea turtle continues to recover

Turtle responding to antibiotics, laying eggs

MARATHON, Fla. - Officials at the Florida Keys-based Turtle Hospital say that an endangered female hawksbill sea turtle -- airlifted from the U.S. Virgin Islands -- is not only recovering, but is continuing to produce more eggs.

Good Hope laid her 55th egg Friday. The reptile was named after the beach in St. Croix where she was discovered severely injured more than a month ago.

Viable eggs are being incubated, nestled in beach sand shipped from St. Croix.

Hospital manager Bette Zirkelbach said x-rays revealed more eggs are being produced, which she believes helps to confirm that the turtle is responding to antibiotics, wound care and physical therapy.

With the turtle seemingly out of danger of dying, hospital staff is now focusing on the reptile's swollen eyes to preserves its vision.

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