School bus shooting suspect charged as adult

Jordyn Howe charged in fatal shooting of Lourdes Guzman

MIAMI - The 15-year-old Homestead student who police say accidentally shot and killed another teen on a school bus will be charged as an adult, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Jordyn Howe is charged with manslaughter with a concealed weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, and possession of a firearm. He waived his right to appear at the hearing.

"He should just pay for what he did. He has to pay as an adult. It teaches other kids that this is what you get if you do things you're not supposed to," said Ady DeJesus, the victim's mother.

Howe was showing his father's .40 caliber handgun to another student on a privately chartered bus on the way to school on Nov. 20 when it accidentally went off, say police.

A bullet hit 13-year-old Lourdes Guzman, who was riding on the bus with her younger sister. She was airlifted to Miami Children's Hospital, where she later died.

"The gun was made available to him by the parents," said Ron Book, an attorney for Guzman's family. "He killed a child. He took a gun to school, he knew he shouldn't ha've had there, he cocked it, he pulled the trigger. A young lady is dead."

"He had to pull it in order for it to go off. He should not have had the gun in his hands. He should not have brought it to school," said DeJesus.

Howe is expected to make his first appearance in bond court on Thursday. Because of his age, he'll be kept in a special area at Miami-Dade County Jail away from adult prisoners.

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