Search continues for missing woman

Miramar woman last seen Friday

MIRAMAR, Fla. - The search continued Wednesday for a Miramar woman who has not been seen since Friday. 

Family members are doing their best to stay positive, but it gets harder with each day that they don't hear from missing Miramar mother Vilet Torrez. 

"If your sister, brother, close relative, suddenly vanishes into thin air, of course you're distraught. You don't know what's happening," said Torrez's brother, Javier Blanco. 

Blanco called his sister a beautiful human being, a hard-working, religious woman and, mostly, a devoted mother. In fact, that's why no one believes Torrez would leave on her own without making an effort to contact her three children, whom she left with her estranged husband for the weekend. 

"We've called her and called her (and) called her. We've left messages, and nothing," Torrez's husband, Cid, told Local 10's Roger Lohse on Tuesday. 

He said his wife was supposed to come home Sunday night. He reported her missing Monday. 

"He's been very cooperative. Every time we've wanted to speak to him, he's made himself available," said Miramar police Detective Jonathan Zeller. 

Vilet Torrez works for a bath remodeling company. Police said she went to dinner with a co-worker Friday night. Her car was found in the parking lot of her condo complex on Saturday, but she didn't show up for any of her weekend appointments.  

Family members didn't want to theorize where she is or what may have happened to her. They said Vilet Torrez would want them to remain hopeful that she'll be found safe. 

"She was always happy, always positive, always optimistic about everything, about her life, and that's how she succeeded," Blanco said. 

Police have checked cellphone and credit card records and reviewed surveillance video from the gated community in which Vilet Torrez lives, but they won't say what, if anything, those searches have revealed.  

Anyone with information is asked to call the Miramar Police Department at 954-602-4000.

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