Snake slithers out of Florida woman's car air vent

Monica Dorsett says she almost crashed car as she drove on highway in Venice

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This red rat snake slithered out of Monica Dorsett's car while she was driving on a highway in Venice.

VENICE, Fla. - Something more than air came out of a car vent in Florida.

Monica Dorsett said she almost crashed her car when a red rat snake crawled out the air-conditioner vent as she drove down a highway in Venice.

Dorsett told FOX 13 in Tampa that she was in traffic on March 10 when she saw the snake slither out of the vent to the left of her steering wheel. She cut across two lanes and stopped in a parking lot.

She said she slammed the door with the snake half in and half out. Her husband then opened the door and the snake fell to the ground. She said he euthanized it.

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