Surveillance video released in 2011 Bal Harbour Shops shooting

2 injured in March shooting

BAL HARBOUR, Fla. - Bal Harbor police released surveillance video from a shooting last year at the Bal Harbour Shops after their prime suspect was killed in a car crash.

"Not something you see in Bal Harbour every day," said Bal Harbour Police Captain Greg Roye.

On March 22, two people were injured in a shooting at the Bal Harbour Shops. One man was charged in the shooting but later released.

The surveillance video showed two men walking through the parking lot and confronting another man. A short foot chase ended near a restaurant, and one man, wearing a dark shirt, pulled something out from under his shirt.

"One of the suspects had a gun," said Roye.

The victim was shot in the knee. A 90-year-old woman eating nearby was shot in the foot.

"Bullet didn't stop there. It ricocheted and hit an elderly person in the foot," said Roye.

As both shooting victims went down, the suspects ran off. The video showed the crowd scattering, pushing each other under tables and picking up small children to protect them.

"And, we're lucky he only fired one round. I mean, really, it could've been a lot worse," said Roye.

The semiautomatic Glock used in the shooting was recovered from another crime, said Roye, leading detectives to close the case after the suspect was killed.

Both shooting victims have since recovered.

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