Testimony wraps up in Tundidor trial

Closing arguments expected Monday afternoon

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Testimony wrapped up Monday morning in the trial of a man who could face the death penalty if he's convicted of killing a Nova Southeastern University professor.

Attorneys were expected to present their closing arguments Monday afternoon in the trial of Randy Tundidor Sr., who is charged with first-degree murder in the April 10 stabbing death of Joseph Morrissey.

Tundidor blamed the killing on his two sons, Randy Tundidor Jr. and Shawn Tundidor, both of whom have testified against him.

Testimony Randy Tundidor Jr.'s ex-girlfriend given during a deposition was read in court today. In the statement, she said Shawn Tundidor committed the killing, but she also made statements contradicting that. She described conversations with Shawn Tundidor after the killing.

"He said that Junior was too (expletive) to do anything, so for Shawn to get over there," the ex-girlfriend said.

"All right. And what else did he tell you?" an attorney asked.

"That's it. He told me that he slit Joseph Morrissey's throat and he stabbed. He called me out of the blue," the ex-girlfriend said.

"What was that conversation about?" an attorney asked.

"He was crying because he told me that his dad was involved and he was not going to let his brother go down for something that his dad did," the ex-girlfriend said.

The state also presented video of Randy Tundidor Sr. walking away from a video camera three days after Morrissey's killing. The defense has said that Randy Tundidor Sr. was physically incapable of killing Morrissey because he had a bad knee and a bad ankle, was on painkillers for a bad back, used oxygen and had respiratory problems.

In the video, Randy Tundidor Sr. appeared to have no trouble walking away from the camera.

After closing arguments Monday, the jury is expected to begin deliberations late Monday or early Tuesday.

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